Dry-N-Clean Dry Organic Upholstery Cleaning

Dry N Clean’s cutting edge, eco-friendly cleaning techniques aren’t just great for carpet cleaning, but also work fantastically on upholstery as well.


We’ve spent many years testing out techniques on a variety of different kind of fabrics and materials and now have the best methodologies for upholstery using our techniques. So we know how well it can work on your soft furnishings and upholstery. We know how hard it can be running your home, whether you’ve got kids who can be messy, or you live a fast life style that means that your upholstery isn’t always going to be the highest priority when it comes cleaning your home. This is where we come in, no matter what state your furniture is we’ll come to your home or premises and help restore your furniture to as close as its original condition as possible, if not better if we can!


We’ll clean all manner of fabrics, from leathers, dry-clean only materials, in a wide range of areas, from couches, beds, chaise lounge even to office furniture, and furniture used in high-traffic businesses such as cafes, restaurants and even hair dressers. No matter what you come with as long as it is upholstered we’ll always be happy to take a look at it, to see if we can clean it for you.


No matter what type of fabric you choose for your upholstered furnishings, they will require cleaning sooner or later. Upholstered items see a lot of use, and some items will require cleaning more frequently than others.


Buying soft furnishings can be one of the largest cash investments in your household.  If your upholstery is well maintained, it will not only look and feel good but will also last longer, so you needn't waste money buying replacements.   


Whatever type of soft furnishings you have, DRY-N-Clean provide a professional cleaning service using the very latest Dry Foam cleaning techniques. Even “dry clean only” fabrics, and leather, can be cleaned by our specialist methods. No matter how dirty or stained your soft furnishings are, we will guarantee you the best possible results.


Because upholstery is made of different fibres than carpet, the specialist cleaning techniques used for upholstery are different too. Our trained technicians will inspect your upholstery fabrics and clean them safely and efficiently. The solutions we use are environmentally friendly, and incredibly efficient while maintaining a high level of cleaning power.

We’re happy to work anywhere within 28 miles of Fleet, including Farnborough, Aldershot and parts of Hampshire covering alGU, SL and RG post codes. We are happy enough to work in a private home or a business residence, maybe you’re a hairdressers or café with soft furnishing, we know how heavy traffic can make a beautiful piece look less than nice.


Most importantly we are FULLY INSURED and ALL our work is guaranteed. 

If you live in the GU, SL or RG postcode why not, Email, Text or Phone us for a non obligatory quote.   

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Dry-N-Clean Dry Organic Uphostery Cleaning
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