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Many people make the mistake in thinking that a rug is the same as carpet, while this isn’t the case for a lot of reasons, this goes doubly so for cleaning. Many rugs are decades old and are built to last for a very long time. With rugs from antiquity still being found in homes worldwide, after being used for hundreds of years, many rugs have unique and unusual cleaning requirements. At Dry N Clean we use specialist cleaning techniques to clean your rug without getting it wet. As we believe that for most rugs wet cleaning can often have negative effects on your rugs.


Wet cleaning of 'Natural Material' carpets and rugs can provide an environment where mould spores readily sprout and flourish. Once mould develops it is nearly impossible to remove. The only alternative at that point is to replace your expensive investment.


We’re happy to work on every kind of rug from ornate, expensive and high end rugs, to pieces that help keep your carpets and hardwood floor clean, from mucky kids. We’ve got eco-friendly solutions for every kind of rug, and we’ll make sure to make to use our cleaning techniques to help you get the most from your rug, whether it’s the first clean your rug has had in years, or there’s been a nasty spillage, we’ll help get it as good as new, as possible, if not better!


Because we do not use any harsh chemicals in our cleaning process you can trust your rugs won’t be harmed by harmful reactions, because we care about you our valued customer, our staff and of course, the environment. 


Removal of stains and bacteria is achieved by our Dry Organic cleaning system to ensure that your carpets look and smell their very best, making our cleaning treatments great for getting pet smells, odours and stains out of your rugs. We’ll also take our time making sure that your rug isn’t harmed by our work, so that you can rest easy that your rug is truly in better condition than when we came.


At the end of the day we want to help create a home that you’re proud of. A huge part of that is helping your centre piece rug looks as great as every other aspect of your house, is clean and smells great. A clean rug can help open up space, and provide much needed room for people to congregate, who as a child never enjoyed sitting on a nice clean rug?

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